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Thursday, February 15, 2007

Mirza the Atheist

It's really quite simple - Mirza Sahib was plagued by fear. He hated too much. His prophecies were primarily about disasters and the fear of poverty. They were about personal trivia too, the kind that a great man, never mind a prophet, has no concern about.

Yes, Mirza Sahib wrote some good things too, let's not deny that. The point to bear in mind is that when you judge him on his prophecies (and he asked for that), you will find a man plagued by fear and hatred. Fear of poverty, fear of not being accepted. Hatred of those who denied him, who wouldn't accept him. These are natural qualities. These qualities made him an ordinary man, but he lacked the dignity and grace becoming of a great man.

If he thought Muhammadi Begum would come to him, he had only to shut up and let God take care of the rest. Instead of accepting, he tried to justify failure and re-frame it. A prophet doesn't need to do that. Prophets have never done that. He should have just smiled and said "wait and see" nicely. Instead he preached death and calamity and plague and earthquakes and suffering. He was in turmoil. The reality in his mind was incongruent with the events of his life.

These trivial fears and ignoble insecurities are not the qualities of a great man, never mind a prophet. A prophet of God should have an air of acceptance. This man appeared not to believe in God. Sounds radical, right? But hear me out...

If he believed, he wouldn't have to back up the failure of every prophecy with a caveat. He would just smile, wink, and say "My God knows best" and leave it at that. It's not for a mere man to work out what prophecies are working and which are not. He was just projecting his insecurity and hatred and this is not the sign of a man of God.

All of the things we usually hear about Mirza are about secondary weaknesses that arise from a lack of internal congruence and from an almost compelte dissonance with God.

If he was secure in his belief, he would be much more inclusive, all-embracing, a lover of humanity on a constant basis, a shining example serving as an inspiration to humanity for centuries to come. Yet this didn't happen, and ghulam-Ahmadis still believe in him, despite the complete lack of attributable sayings of any lasting merit whatsoever.

He was an ordinary man, plagued by fear of poverty (a quite natural human trait, but not the trait of a prophet) and fear of not being accepted (a quite natural human trait, but not the trait of a prophet). He should not have despaired of the mercy of God on such a daily basis. He tried to put words into God's mouth. If God had put words into his mouth, they would have been congruent, requiring no extended explanation.

Isa (as) is reported to have said "Love they neighbour as thyself". What a beautiful tenet - and there is not a single thing that Mirza Sahib said that could match this. He was so insecure, that he believed that his personal god (oh-no-associate) would spread Mirza Sahib's message to the corners of the earth.

Allah's message had already spread to the ends of the earth, so this was a doubly stupid thing to say. And now, Manchester United and Liverpool and Barcelona and Real Madrid and David Beckham and Michael Owen are more famous than the Ahmadiyya Movement, but none of these people or organisations are considered miraculous.

People will continue to believe in what they want to believe because they have built their lives around it. What they fail to recognise is that Truth is independent of what they believe and does not require them to believe in it for it to be True! They are adrift in a sea of duplicity and contrived interpretations, which are unbecoming of God or His religion of Islam, of which Ahmadiyya is just a faint and corrupted echo, ignored by the wider world.

May Allah (swt) inspire those people with minds to think and eyes to see to abandon the insecurity of Mirza Sahib and grasp the firm rope that Allah (swt) told us to grasp all those centuries ago through the revelations vouchsafed to the Final Prophet sent to manking - Muhammad Sallalaho-Alayhi-wa-Salam.


  • At 1:57 am, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Dear Shahid.

    You left real Islam & joined one of 72 sects which are bond to go to hell. So its your choice due to your worldly desires to purchase hell?
    But defeat shall be yours here in this life & in life hereafter mean booth life.
    Enjoy this limited life & continue obeying Satan.

  • At 11:22 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said…


    BarrakAllahufeq Akhi. May Allah Azza-wa-Jaalenter you in Jannah al Firdaus inshallah.

    wa salam wr wb

  • At 10:22 am, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    For an investigation with scholars, historians, and doctors about Jesus' historical life, read the author Lee Strobel.

  • At 8:40 am, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    where have you been man? haven't heard from you in a long, long time. just wondering if you are still around.

  • At 11:54 pm, Anonymous Ahamadyyat Zindabaad said…

    Dear Shahid.
    I am an ahmadi.
    you write all this stuff just to try to prove god wrong!!! hahahahaha do you ever think you a mortal human or a goverment is gonna stop the actuall voice of islam. please think a lot before you ever write against a religion saying they are a fraud. I will tell you: i am 15 years old. you can still prove ME wrong. so ever heard of the saying of the Holy prophet SAW " there will be 72 sects in the religion of islam. only One (1) will be the true one out of all of them." Got anything Against that please put it on your web.

  • At 11:36 am, Anonymous Google said…

    hello anonymus who commit first,

    if you refer to the hadith of our Prophet Muhammad sas, the last prophet and Messenger, then you are mistaken. the hadith says "men Ummati". the qadianis are Kufar, they are not from the ummati rasuliAllah sas. they are not included in this hadith ;)

    Big Brother Shahid, may Allah bless you. Amin


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