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Wednesday, January 17, 2007

The Fabricator

We will start with the greatest man and the greatest prophet this world has ever had the fortune of knowing - Muhammad, peace be upon him, the Last in the Line of Prophets, the Khaatam an-Nabiyeen.

Allow me to quote a hadith from Bukhari on the nature of revelation:

Volume 1, Book 1, Number 4:
Narrated Said bin Jubair:

Ibn 'Abbas in the explanation of the Statement of Allah. 'Move not your tongue concerning (the Quran) to make haste therewith." (75.16) Said "Allah's Apostle used to bear the revelation with great trouble and used to move his lips (quickly) with the Inspiration." Ibn 'Abbas moved his lips saying, "I am moving my lips in front of you as Allah's Apostle used to move his." Said moved his lips saying: "I am moving my lips, as I saw Ibn 'Abbas moving his." Ibn 'Abbas added, "So Allah revealed 'Move not your tongue concerning (the Qur'an) to make haste therewith. It is for us to collect it and to give you (O Muhammad) the ability to recite it (the Qur'an) (75.16-17) which means that Allah will make him (the Prophet ) remember the portion of the Qur'an which was revealed at that time by heart and recite it. The Statement of Allah: And 'When we have recited it to you (O Muhammad through Gabriel) then you follow its (Qur'an) recital' (75.18) means 'listen to it and be silent.' Then it is for Us (Allah) to make It clear to you' (75.19) means 'Then it is (for Allah) to make you recite it (and its meaning will be clear by itself through your tongue). Afterwards, Allah's Apostle used to listen to Gabriel whenever he came and after his departure he used to recite it as Gabriel had recited it."

Revelation was not easy, and the Prophet (saw) used to be under strain and even on a cold day, he would be drenched in perspiration when the force of revelation came to him. And God promised to safeguard it and explain it.

Rasulullah (saw) would be concerned that he might not grasp it all, but Allah (swt) assured him that it was His responsibility to safeguard it. The Qur'an would not be forgotten.

Compare such dazzling beauty to the following claimed by Mirza, who also claimed to be the exact mirror of the greatest man to walk the earth (naudhobillah):

I received a revelation today of which I do not remember all the words, but what I do remember is clear and certain. I do not know whom it might relate to, but it portends great danger. The words I remember were: His breath stopped in a moment.

He didn't remember the words???

He doesn't know what it was about?

Was this revelation or just a song he heard some old man singing whilst riding a tanga?

Ahmadis, the man you venerate as a prophet was a complete fraud and a laughing stock. No person in their right mind could revere such a shameless charlatan.


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    please dont call them Ahmedis, they are qadiyanis, call them qadiyani ONLY


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