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I left Ahmadiyyat because Mirza Ghulam Ahmad was a liar and a charlatan. Find out why I believe this to be true.

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

The Blasphemer

No prophet has ever claimed revelations as blasphemous as those claimed by Mirza.

How can any sane person say that this is the thinking of a Muslim? Muslims understand the Unity, the Majesty and the utter Incomparability of Allah (swt).

However, Mirza claimed the following as a revelation, to this day, such garbage makes me shudder and I thank God that when faced with such nonsense, I had no choice but to leave falsehood:

O Moon, O Sun, you are from Me and I am from you. We give you good news of a boy who will be an addition for you, an addition from Myself.
(Al Hakam Vol. X, No. 1, Jan. 10, 1905, p.1)

Now the question for Ahmadis is - when you see such nonsense, do you not feel a twinge of conscience that God gave you as a gift? Can you not be your own personal conscience arbiter?

Did God not give you eyes to see?


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