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Monday, January 09, 2006


Rasulullah (saw) was not a Ghulam-Ahmadi, and his rightly guided caliphs were not Ghulam-Ahmadis either. Are you Ghulam-Ahmadis suggesting that the Messenger (saw) and his rightly guided caliphs were not "true Muslims"?

I have recently started to use the tag "Ghulam-Ahmadis" instead of "Ahmadis". This is not meant to be derogatory, it is meant to be precise. It is also a defence of Islam, in that Ahmad was the name of Rasulullah (saw) and Mirza Ghulam-Ahmad hijacked this name, as did his successors. Mirza Sahib's name was Ghulam Ahmad, which means "Servant of Ahmad". He cannot suddenly remove the Ghulam portion and become the master! That is called hijack.

GhulamAhmadis call themselves Ahmadis and they call Muslims kafirs (non-believers) and followers of a dead and Satanic creed. For this reason, I feel it important to use the correct term "GhulamAhmadism" to indicate followers of Mirza Ghulam Ahmad. Ahmadis are also called Mirzais. This is also an appropriate epithet, but it carries negative connotations for some reason. Perhaps I will get to the bottom of this one day.

Even using the term "Ghulam-Ahmadi" is not 100% accurate, and lends more credence to the cause of Ghulam-Ahmadism, as Ghulam-Ahmadis and their founder certainly don't behave like the Ghulam of Ahmad - and there is only one true Ahmad as described in the Qur'an - the Messenger of Allah, sallalaho alaihe wassalam.


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The Day of Arafah

I only learned of the Day of Arafah once I had left the cult.

Not a single elder, office-bearer, official, wannabe-khalifa-of-part-of-the-punjabi-nation EVER mention this day to me.

And if they put their hands on their hearts and think for a minute, I'm sure a lot of GhulamAhmadis who are here, either contributing or silent, will not have heard about it before. Sure, many will lambast me and say "sure we knew about it, you were the stupid one for not knowing about it" and many will of course be lying to cover their shame. Some will surely go to google to get their deen about this issue and will not find the top searches listing any site of their creed.

It is a sign of the falsehood of GhulamAhmadism that such an important day, is not generally known about amongst the false creed.

What an important and beautiful day. Muslims know what I'm talking about. Most GhulamAhmadis do not. Google it. See what you're missing. Better still, kick the kult and go to your local mosque - one in which Islam is known about and ask the friendly Imam.

The point I'm making here is not one of education. It is one of ignorance of the traditions of Islam amongst those who follow Mirza Ghulam Ahmad.


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