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Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Don't call Muslims "kafir"

I would like to present a straightforward case. It is very simple (like me) - and very easy to understand.

Since I started calling the followers of Mr. Mirza Ghulam-Ahmadis I have found myself immensely disliked. I obviously struck a nerve. Good. Perhaps Ghulam-Ahmadis would like to know why I and other Muslims are justified in using this perfectly respectable and valid epithet to label a group that has for a century been calling Muslims 'non-believers' - or kuffar - to this day.

GA apologists have been screaming like the thief in the market who shouts "THIEF!!!" to create a diversion that Muslims are the ones with the kufr-labelling problem.

So I shall now explain why it is, that we have more right as Muslims to be offended by what Ghulam-Ahmadis call us than they do by the accurate label I use for them.

I will present the logic from a Ghulam-Ahmadi perspective. Ready? It's really very simple:

  1. Ahmadiyyat is the "True Islam"

  2. Everything that is not True Islam is NOT Islam! (i.e. it is False Islam - which is meaningless)

  3. Therefore "Muslims who are not Ahmadis" are part of false Islam and therefore not Muslim

  4. Therefore Muslims, outside the "true Islam" are kuffar (non-believers)

Get it? Every time a Ghulam-Ahmadi calls me a Non-Ahmadi, or a Ghair-Ahmadi - they are effectively calling me kafir. They do it every single day. Whereas I call them Ghulam-Ahmadi (i.e. followers of Ghulam Ahmad) which is exactly what they are, they are quite happily calling over a billion Muslims on a daily basis - KAFIR.

The truth is, most Ghulam-Ahmadis don't even realise what they imply when they use such abominable and objectionable terms as "Non-Ahmadi Muslim" or "Ghair-Ahmadi-Mussalman" - which are in essence ridiculous oxymorons anyway.

Now who has a more legitimate reason for complaint?

Finally, if you are the "true Islam" and we are by inference, outside that, why not be straight about it and call yourself Muslim and just outright call us non-believers? Ghulam-Ahmadism is a separate religion. Case closed.


  • At 7:23 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Well said. Ahmadis are not Muslim, period.

  • At 9:10 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Hmm. You call yourself a Muslim yet you like to bash. Whether you are targeting Ahmadis or not I'm pretty sure that you learn to not question a religon so much that it seems as if your a bad person. I would suggest that if you really want to learn about Ahmadiyyat meet with an Ahmadi yourself and ask him the questions. People on the internet post stuff that may not always be true and then you will get even more confused then you are now.

  • At 8:53 am, Anonymous DrM said…

    Well said!


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Friday, April 07, 2006

Dead Religion of Ghulam-Ahmadism

If there are 200 million Ghulam-Ahmadis...

  1. In the last 25 years, how many books in any recognised field published by the Ghulam-Ahmadis compared to Muslims?

  2. In the last 25 years, how many journalists produced by the GAs compared to Muslim journalists?

  3. In the last 25 years, how many prominent politicians produced by the GAs compared to Muslim politicians?

  4. In the last 25 years, how many prominent philosophers, authors, scientists, artists, composers, film-makers, anything at all - compared to Muslims?

  5. In the last 25 years, how many famous religions scholars produced by GAs as opposed to Muslims?

Ghulam-Ahmadism is culturally, scientifically and spiritually dead already.


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