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Thursday, April 14, 2005

The Message - Part 3

I would like to tell you all about my perfect dream
In which I saw RasulAllah and Hadhrat Ibrahim
I was in a conference hall with tables in neat rows
The pilgrims there were arguing and some had come to blows

They ran around the tables knocking over chairs and food
Surely, they knew who was coming? Why were they so rude?
Incongruent, they all were dressed in pilgrim's robes of white
Oblivious to who our guests were, such a painful sight!

I knew what this gathering was meant to be about
I knew that I'd rather be in here than be without
I feared our guests would see the fuss and quietly depart
I knew that our guests would see - what we hid in our hearts

Presently, our blessed guests filed in with company
All the pilgrims then sat down - none were known to me
I didn't recognise a single face amongst that crowd
And in the party of our guests, there was no "Masih Ma'oud"

Silence filled the room as Ibrahim began to speak
His voice so full of power - made the pilgrims seem so weak
Candles suddenly appeared in front of every man
Lit to test the best of us - or so that seemd the plan

We were asked to place our hands into the testing flame
All the pilgrims seemed to falter, thinking it a game
None of them could see that this was such a simple test
Even I, who knew what this was for, was like the rest

My soul was overpowered by my weakness in resolve
This was such a simple test! But my will had dissolved
The pilgrims all around me started arguing again
Every single flame went out; and I felt Nabi's pain

I couldn't stand the disappointment on Mustafa's face
I couldn't bear his sheer despair at our long fall from grace
I realised that time was short, that something must be done
I leapt out of my chair and felt this test could still be won

Interrupting Ibrahim's quick exit from the hall
I told him I was ready - that I could take it all
He took a lighter from his robe and lit it for my test
I knew that if I failed this time, my sould could never rest

I stretched my shaking hand out, straining from the threat of pain
I forced myself, I seized the chance to prove myself again
And as my hand touched fire, with a shock my soul awoken
Knowing, upright, in my bed, RasulAllah had spoken

The dignity, nobility of prophets from the past
Never would be matched again! RasulAllah the last!
Mirza never matched the sacrifice of Ibrahim
Yet alone to dare to be Khataman Nabiyyeen


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Saturday, April 09, 2005

U.M.A. Inc and Arnold Fiat

Mr. Graham Arnold was one of the brighter employees at U.M.A. International, a global company with divisions in every territory. Of course, he wasn't always that way.

At first he had quite a junior post, because his education was mismatched to his position. Tired of hus underachievement, he decided to seek a transfer. Secretly, he harboured a desire to match the founder, widely recognised, even by his enemies to be the most important figure in business history, having founded U.M.A. what seemed like centuries ago.

The founder, Mr. Farseal, was an imposing figure in the historical pantheon. He could never be matched. He set in process all the ideologies and rules of U.M.A. and ensured that through an as yet unknown mechanism, the Mission Statement, could never be altered or modified as long as U.M.A. was in existence. This Mission Statement was effectively U.M.A.'s "Bible", but unlike the Bible, science has subsequently shown Mr. Farseal's Mission Statement to have been unadulterated. Surprisingly, the ethos is as valid today as when he founded U.M.A. So revered was Mr. Farseal, that his sayings and habits were effectively enshrined in a number of books, a canon known by the rather whimsical name of "A Hard Ease". Not as accurate or verifiable as the Mission Statement, but nonetheless, an essential supplemental guide when rules of the U.M.A. required exploration or discussion.

Mr. Farseal's history is well known, and this is not his story. Suffice it to say that there would have been no U.M.A. International without him and the succes of this business, the fastest growing business in the world despite its extraordinary size, is evidence of his influence and paramount importance.

Mr. Graham Arnold, like other employees of U.M.A. revered Mr. Farseal. He studied the Mission Statement, but never quite mastered it, extrapolating meaning where there was none, and ignoring guidelines set in place for its interpretation. His command of "A Hard Ease" was dubious. Although at first he respected this work, eventually, he was shown to have misrepresented some of this work.

Everyone knew the Mission Statement was never to be altered, never to be abrogated, added to or subtracted from. Everyone knew that the best way to interpret it was through the guidelines laid down by Mr. Farseal in "A Hard Ease" in case of any doubt. Everyone knew this, including Mr. Graham Arnold.

Until later in his career, when success started going to his head and his ruthless self-promotion caused him to shortcut the protocols of the company, causing further division and clamour in the ranks.

Mr. Graham Arnold, having promoted himself, extraordinarily, up the position of Head Reformer, then began to claim that parts of the Mission Statement had been written by him. Indeed, he spouted sections of the Mission Statement arbitrarily, crediting authorship to himself. Astonishingly, in a move of breathtaking audacity, he claimed that all portions of the Mission Statement referring to the defence of U.M.A. from predatory takeovers stood discarded by his order.

Needless to say this caused consternation in all divisions of U.M.A. International. In his final, daring self-promotional phase, he claimed to be the living embodiment of Mr. Farseal. He claimed to be his second advent. Many jeered, but some misguided employees, easily misled, or just unhappy with the corporate culture in some of the divisions of U.M.A. (and some rightly so) pledged allegiance to him. Perhaps they thought that by catching the coat-tails of this fast-track self-promoter, they might get some glory for themselves. Some actually believed him.

Mr. Graham Arnold then set up his own division within U.M.A. This was counter to the Mission Statement, and indeed, despite the warnings in the Mission Statement, divisions had been formed. Mr. Graham Arnold wasn't satisfied at forming his own division - "Arnold Fiat" - he also declared the other divisions as outside the scope of U.M.A. unless they pledged to join his fledgeling division. And he did this while continuing to claim to represent the true essence of U.M.A. while declaring the main body of it not part of U.M.A. Of course, he continued to be funded by U.M.A. and considered his "Arnold Fiat" division to be the only division that was valid.

Recently, a committee of all the other diivisions convened to discuss the thorny "Arnold Fiat" issue. By unanimous decision, in complete consensus, after pondering the Mission Statement and "A Hard Ease", they sold off the "Arnold Fiat" division to the highest bidder, declaring it to be no longer part of U.M.A. Of course, no one outside U.M.A. wanted it, so Mr. Graham Arnold instigated a management buy out.

To this day, Mr. Graham Arnold's successors (he has of course retired) have continued to operate their small division independently, by lowering the salaries of all their employees dramatically and offering stock options instead. These will accrue on retirement. A pleasant retirement is only guaranteed however if the employee opts-in to the higher rate stock option scheme at the expense of their salary. This also gives them exclusive membership to the "Heavenly Gym Club", a great perk, but unfortunately, the Heavenly Gym Club is always under construction.

Arnold Fiat has created its own rules, not allowing its staff to mix with U.M.A. staff, not allowing company secrets to ever be viewed by outsiders, not allowing Arnold Fiat employees to visit the leaving-dos of U.M.A. employees etc. Do any of that and you will be fired!

U.M.A. is the top Fortune 100 company. Arnold Fiat, despite its employees contributions, hasn't even listed on Nasdaq yet, despite claiming revenues of 200 million dollars a year.

Reporter: Shahid K. Ahmad


  • At 1:04 am, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    very good br shahid.
    witty and funny


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Friday, April 08, 2005

The Message - Part 2

Ahmadis claim Muslims practice shirk and innovation
Just because we think the Qur'an Allah's Last Dictation
They say we worship graves of saints and Isa in the sky
They say that Isa's in Yuz Asaf's tomb - oh yeah? Nice try!

These are the very same who hang huge photos n their homes
Idols of this age of Mirza and his future clones
Kissing up to Mirza Masroor Ahmad, can't they see?
That when they kiss his ring and worship him it's blasphemy?

They think they worship Allah without partners or an equal
But they say Allah's Final Messenger has had a sequel
They're the ones who beg their fake-khalifa for forgiveness
Daily writing letters to this owner of a business

Instead of asking Mirza and his family for mercy
Praying to Allah for True Hidayah is more worthy
God alone forgives you and can answer all your prayers
You don't get chucked out of Allah's Islam - because He cares!

In Islam when you break a law, you're punished and it's done
But Ahmadis, they get expelled, unless they're Mirza's son
He got his mum to beg for him in front of a tribunal
And yet the other son could not get Mirza at his funeral

One law for the Ahmadis and one law for Islam
One lot go to Paradise, the other to Jahannum
Is it right to be so black and white about our ending?
Do you think I claim all this? No! Mirza needs defending!

My mother raised me as an Ahmadi - she still believes
She's witnessed her grown son move on, but still she will not leave
Loyal to her "Masih Maoud" who now calls her a "whore"
If he said it to my face I'd knock him to the floor

What kind of fake messiah calls a woman by that name?
What kind of fake messiah would give my mother the "blame"?
What kind of fake messiah writes a thousand numbered curses?
What kind of fake messiah steals the Noble Qur'an's verses?

Ahmadis are brainwashed, yes I was once one of them
They happily quote fake hadith to target younger men
Defenceless Muslim children, captured by their cultish tricks
A tiny speck of truth amongst the lies they'll never fix

If your Mirza was a prophet, let me see his books
Every single one of them in English, don't be crooks
You set your centre up in my homeland so please don't run
English, English, English, ENGLISH! EVERY SINGLE ONE!!

What are you afraid of? Will you make him look a fool?
Ishtiharat, Malfoozat in English - that sounds cool!
RK, every single volume, was the man verbose?
Contrast with a real Scripture - then you'll be morose!

I can't believe that thinking people stand by what he said
He called my mum a whore and his wife too: Are your souls dead?
You will seek to justify the lowest of the low
You cannot mirror Mustafa - and in your hearts you know!

While I grew up, all the time, I was indoctrinated
The nature of a cult is that it keeps you isolated
And who of us can claim the strength to stand up to our past?
To throw off the ideas that in our very souls are cast!

I have tried so very hard to work out what he taught
But I will settle for The Message Mustafa had brought
Ahmadiyya's teachings are confused and that was planned!
I will settle for the Promise that I understand

Allah makes a promise to us in the Noble Text
Nowhere does He tell us about men who might come next
Certainly there is no mention of a Masih Maoud
Certainly we're warned of sects - so let's discard this fraud!


  • At 7:54 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Have you seen:

    It's a Ahmadi web site. I am sure you will get ton of ideas from there. Also, it would be nice, if you could post something. People think "former Ahmadi" is an oxymoron.

  • At 1:28 am, Blogger Shahid said…

    Thanks for your comment. I've had a quick look at that site thanks to you pointing it out to me. There is a lot of falsehood, distraction, deviation and out and out lying going on there.

    What benefit do you feel could come from my posting to that site?

    Who thinks that "former Ahmadi" is an oxymoron? (Cute comment though!)


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Thursday, April 07, 2005

The Message

This is part 1 of my poem, The Message.

Ahmadis say that Muslims have a dead, satanic creed
They say we claim that Allah speaks no more, He has no need
They say we are all doomed to hell for spurning Ahmadiyya
They say our faces will be blackened when Qiyamah's near

Muslims say that Ahmadis have left our noble fold
That they have thrown away the teachings and the truth of old
How can one improve Islam when God says it's perfected?
How can 14 centuries of Muslims stand rejected?

I have read the Book that Allah sent for all of time
About His Nabi, Last to be appointed in the line
The greatest man to walk the earth - who taught us Allah's Word
The Message was complete and so what more needs to be heard?

Once upon a time I had belief in Mirza Sahib
I pledged allegiance to his grandsons - I was in their tribe
Every book I read on Islam, filtered by the leader
Misinterpretations later found to fool the reader

We were sheltered from the beauty of the "True" Islam
Mixing with the Muslim world they said, would bring us harm
Hiding our identity, until it was too late
From Muslims who became our friends to change from love to hate

Even as a boy I knew what "Seal of Prophets" meant
But truth is easy to distort inside the Jalsa Tent
And when your leader boldly says his granddad was a prophet
Surrounded by the nodding masses, you think nothing of it

The most important thing in Ahmadiyya was the chanda
"Pay up if you want to save your soul and be a bandha"
"Pay up or you never will become an office bearer"
"Don't talk to us about Zakat - just because it's fairer!"

"Give us sava che percent - even if you're jobless"
"Pay us if you're poor or dying - if not then you're God-less!"
"When you've paid your basic rate, we'll ask you for some more!"
"Tehrik-e-this, tehrik-e-that, come on - you know the score!"

"If you want to go to paradise, then join Wassiyat"
"10% of everything you are - by Mirza's fiat"
"If you miss a paisa in your life - you won't get in"
"Only those who bless us with their cash will be let in"

As an Ahmadi I thought that Muslims were like us
I thought they hadn't seen the light and they had missed the bus
I really thought that they knew naught and we were truly guided
I didn't have a clue that what we knew was so derided

Consider me a simple man, but Muslims can't be bad
Just because they think Mirza was wrong to ban Jihad
Just because you don't like war, it doesn't make it wrong
In the face of persecution - fight - be firm - be strong!

Not every Muslim thinks that Jihad means to kill a kafir
But if your brother is oppressed, then you can't let him suffer
Qital is a law of Allah, for eternity
No one has the right to change it - Mirza - you - or me

Mirza Sahib's writings are so full of contradictions
Mirza Sahib's writings are so full of wrong predictions
Mirza Sahib's writings are replete with filthy curses
He even had the gall to plagiarise the Qur'an's verses!

The Message was perfected in the time of Mustafa
Why water down the most profound of Scripture from Allah?
Why would the God who sent the perfect man, send yet another?
Did He nauzobillah get it wrong first time my brother?

RasulAllah gave women status, dignity, respect
But Mirza chased Mohammedi Begum, he hasn't got her yet
His son did not believe, but Mirza Sahib had no grief
Discarding his first wife just like he threw away hadith

Please be advised that I have contracted certain names for the sake of rhythm. I have contracted Mirza Sahib's name to Mirza and RasulAllah's name to Mustafa. I mean no disrespect, and please infer the full and dignified form of address in each case.


  • At 2:32 am, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    I loved your Writings.

    May Allah reward you.

  • At 10:06 pm, Blogger Shahid said…

    Jazakamollah. I appreciate you taking the time to read what I write.


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