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Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Did MGA add any value to Islam?

I was reminiscing today. I remembered Jalsas, Khuddam meetings, events, khutbas from the progeny of Mirza Sahib and other such things.

I realised that nothing in jama'at Ahmadiyya actually added any value to Islam. There was no revival, no reform, not even a visible adherence to the basic tenets of Islam, though I saw many people within the jama'at who were (and most likely still are) devout in their belief and practice of Islam, except for the mistaken belief in Mirza Sahib's prophethood. If those same people did not believe in Mirza Sahib, nothing essentially would change other than a reversion to a truer Islam.

If Ahmadiyyat brought massive reform, it might be worthy of note. Wearing the "alaisala" rings and kalima badges doesn't mark you out to be a "True Muslim". The word "Muslim" does not require the prefix "True". You are either Muslim or you are not. I never saw badges that claimed "Wannabe Muslim" or "Fake Muslim" or even the unadorned, but far preferable "Muslim". The badge of Islam is something to be worn in the heart, mind and soul. The attitude of Islam is to be practiced in one's daily actions.

So what did Ahmadiyyat actually bring that was new? As far as I can tell, there are only two real claims, and I'm not convinced that the first of these is even new.

1) That Jesus (as) died at the age of 120 in Kashmir and that his body is in Yuz Asaf's tomb in Srinagar, Kashmir.
2) That martial jihad has been abrogated.

The first belief was necessary in order to validate MGA's claim to be the reincarnation or embodiment or spiritual successor or second coming or doppelganger (it's all so confusing) of Jesus. It is Ahmadiyyat's favourite argument to establish its truth. But even if it were true that Jesus (as) was dead and buried in Yuz Asaf's tomb:
a) It doesn't make MGA's claims true
b) It doesn't alter a Muslim's core beliefs
c) It is not a requirement from Allah to believe
d) The so-called-second-coming never actually changed anything else. For most of his life, he believed as other Muslims do. And when he went a step or three too far, he still didn't actually reform Islam. If a belief in the death of Jesus at 120 is a fundamental requirement of being Muslim, then RasulAllah SAW would have been told about it and it would be in the Qur'an.

As for the second, well, that has been discussed aplenty. You can't change the Qur'an. According to the ahadith that MGA was reliant upon (and this argument goes round and round without the Ahmadi's ever admitting to using flawed logic) the Messiah is supposed to do a lot more than MGA ever did.

So there you have it. What else has jama'at Ahmadiyya contributed to Islam? They declare the rest of Islam, the religion of RasulAllah SAW and all the prophets before him, to be satanic and cursed. And they declare this quite proudly and brazenly. Why? Because we believe in the status of khataman-nabiyyeen.

In business speak, where is the value-add? Why are all the decent Muslims out there who do everything they're told to in the Qur'an suddenly no longer Muslim?

What new message was brought by Ahmadiyyat in the Jalsas? Apart from how to pay chanda, which scheme was being launched, what funds were needed etc.?

I think the dividing line is very clear. The only essential and important difference between being Muslim and being Ahmadi is that to be Ahmadi, you have to believe in MGA's self-claimed prophet-hood and that martial jihad is over. Is that really it? Is that the supposed revival? The reform? How is that a big deal?

Where is the value-add in Ahmadiyyat? Dear Ahmadis, please tell me how by being Ahmadi, you are better than Muslims.


  • At 2:01 am, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    well, you might find them arguing that:

    1)They have unity, whilst the fake muslims don't.

    2) The idea of a "bloody" messiah was rufuted by MGA.

    3)They are the only "muslims" with a khalifah.

    4)And look at Ahmadiyyat achievements:

    a) worldwide satelite tv
    b) some hospital somewhere
    c) i can't remember anymore but there is

  • At 12:29 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    what a sad person... sets upa whole blog on this bull... well i will confirm a few things aswel...

    1) I am Ahmadi
    2) Yes, we have brought value to Islam, because of us at least Islam isn't just seen as a religion full of (crazy)Mullah's.. dishing out fatwas and jihads...
    3) We are organized (a LOT more than you think)
    4) Translated the Holy Quran in virtually every language... (in your eyes these may be actions of a non-muslim... but who cares what you think... Allah knows the truth)
    5) Generally more educated
    6) Jamaat growing on a daily basis...
    7) I could go on and on ....
    8) This site is rubbish... full of tosh...

  • At 2:39 am, Blogger Shahid said…

    1) You have my sympathy.
    2) Because of you? Who are you? What's your name? Nobody sees you at all. Your arrogance makes even you blind.
    3) Yes, you are reasonably well organised. Into what though?
    4) Yes, but not always accurately.
    5) Proof - apart from what you've been indoctrinated into believing?
    6) Oh yeah, I forgot, you have 200 million membes. Wake up.
    7) Feel free. But bring proof instead of your preconception and brainwashing.
    8) You are entitled to your opinion. But please inform yourself first.

  • At 11:47 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    You don't see Ahmadiyyat preaching about blowing up buildings and killing innocent people in the most disgraceful and inhumane way conceivable - because this is what Ahmadiyya categorically rejects 101%. The greatest problem muslims face today is without any khalifat they are easily mislead by crazed mullahs who seek to tarnish islam with their sickened thirst for violence and bloodshed. True islam is of peace - true islam is of tolerance and Love for All and hatred for NONE. This is what Ahmadiyya teaches and why it is fast growing - because it is pure in peace and love for all mankind. You can argue your opinion against it till your blue in the face - Allah knows best.

  • At 5:41 am, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Buddy. If Khilafat for you means following a complete out and out idiot like Mirza, who by the way has proved himself an idiot by his own account. I say we are better off waiting for Imam Mehdi to come and put us all back on the right path as intructed by allah and Prophet Mohammad PBUH. I guess what the point here is , We are ok! even if a little lost. we will find our way back. But you Mirzai couldnt wait and had to follow a bozo who died with cholera shitting all night right next to his own bed like a rabbies infested dog.
    Sheesh! wake up

  • At 5:46 am, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    ohh wait. I can almost invison ...Mirza sahab passing out Lose motion without a shalwar ( stick legs)..

    The might make a good animated cartoon theme for your new TV Channel.

    Also. I think the best question was what someone just asked. What value you think you and Mr.Mirza brought to Islam??? The only tangible thing I can put togather from your defence statment was some supreme organzational skills and a TV channel


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