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Thursday, April 07, 2005

The Message

This is part 1 of my poem, The Message.

Ahmadis say that Muslims have a dead, satanic creed
They say we claim that Allah speaks no more, He has no need
They say we are all doomed to hell for spurning Ahmadiyya
They say our faces will be blackened when Qiyamah's near

Muslims say that Ahmadis have left our noble fold
That they have thrown away the teachings and the truth of old
How can one improve Islam when God says it's perfected?
How can 14 centuries of Muslims stand rejected?

I have read the Book that Allah sent for all of time
About His Nabi, Last to be appointed in the line
The greatest man to walk the earth - who taught us Allah's Word
The Message was complete and so what more needs to be heard?

Once upon a time I had belief in Mirza Sahib
I pledged allegiance to his grandsons - I was in their tribe
Every book I read on Islam, filtered by the leader
Misinterpretations later found to fool the reader

We were sheltered from the beauty of the "True" Islam
Mixing with the Muslim world they said, would bring us harm
Hiding our identity, until it was too late
From Muslims who became our friends to change from love to hate

Even as a boy I knew what "Seal of Prophets" meant
But truth is easy to distort inside the Jalsa Tent
And when your leader boldly says his granddad was a prophet
Surrounded by the nodding masses, you think nothing of it

The most important thing in Ahmadiyya was the chanda
"Pay up if you want to save your soul and be a bandha"
"Pay up or you never will become an office bearer"
"Don't talk to us about Zakat - just because it's fairer!"

"Give us sava che percent - even if you're jobless"
"Pay us if you're poor or dying - if not then you're God-less!"
"When you've paid your basic rate, we'll ask you for some more!"
"Tehrik-e-this, tehrik-e-that, come on - you know the score!"

"If you want to go to paradise, then join Wassiyat"
"10% of everything you are - by Mirza's fiat"
"If you miss a paisa in your life - you won't get in"
"Only those who bless us with their cash will be let in"

As an Ahmadi I thought that Muslims were like us
I thought they hadn't seen the light and they had missed the bus
I really thought that they knew naught and we were truly guided
I didn't have a clue that what we knew was so derided

Consider me a simple man, but Muslims can't be bad
Just because they think Mirza was wrong to ban Jihad
Just because you don't like war, it doesn't make it wrong
In the face of persecution - fight - be firm - be strong!

Not every Muslim thinks that Jihad means to kill a kafir
But if your brother is oppressed, then you can't let him suffer
Qital is a law of Allah, for eternity
No one has the right to change it - Mirza - you - or me

Mirza Sahib's writings are so full of contradictions
Mirza Sahib's writings are so full of wrong predictions
Mirza Sahib's writings are replete with filthy curses
He even had the gall to plagiarise the Qur'an's verses!

The Message was perfected in the time of Mustafa
Why water down the most profound of Scripture from Allah?
Why would the God who sent the perfect man, send yet another?
Did He nauzobillah get it wrong first time my brother?

RasulAllah gave women status, dignity, respect
But Mirza chased Mohammedi Begum, he hasn't got her yet
His son did not believe, but Mirza Sahib had no grief
Discarding his first wife just like he threw away hadith

Please be advised that I have contracted certain names for the sake of rhythm. I have contracted Mirza Sahib's name to Mirza and RasulAllah's name to Mustafa. I mean no disrespect, and please infer the full and dignified form of address in each case.


  • At 2:32 am, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    I loved your Writings.

    May Allah reward you.

  • At 10:06 pm, Blogger Shahid said…

    Jazakamollah. I appreciate you taking the time to read what I write.


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