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Tuesday, March 29, 2005

The Anti-Islamic 'Prophet'

I would like to give an example of Mirza Sahib's anti-Islamic behaviour that stands in direct opposition to RasulAllah's (SAW) way.

Concerning the marriage-that-never-could-happen to Mohammedi Begum - Mirza Sahib had this to say about his own son Sultan:

From the day of such marriage, I will disown and disinherit Sultan Ahmad, and from the same day, I divorce his mother(MGA's first wife - translator). And if his brother, Fazal Ahmad (MGA's other son - translator) , who is married to the niece of Mirza Ahmad Beg (father of the girl), does not divorce his wife on the same day that he hears of the marriage, he too will be disowned and disinherited. None of them will have any right on me after that. And after such marriage, all relations of being relatives, sharing happiness, and of empathy – will be gone, and there will be no sharing in any good, evil, sorrow happiness, weddings and funerals.

(The full text of the above translation can be found at )

Now - clearly - Mirza Sahib went on to break ties of kinship.

The following is recorded in Sahih Bukhari - The Book of Al-Adab, chapter 5:

2011. Narrated 'Amr bin Al-'Aas (ra): I heard the Prophet (saw) saying openly not secretly, "The family of Abu so-and-so (i.e. Talib) are not among my 'Auliya (supporters and helpers). No doubt my Wali (Protector etc.) is Allah and the righteous believing people. but they (that family) have kinship (Rahm) with me and I will be good and dutiful to them"

It is established that Mirza Sahib could not be any second advent, because it appears he had not read this hadith, and if he had, he ignored it. Such a shame that he couldn't learn from this beautiful example, such was his rage and passion.

Perhaps he also ignored the following Sahih Hadith from Imam Bukhari's Al-Adab, this time chapter 3:

2009. Narrated Jubair bin Mut'im (ra) that he heard the Prophet (saw) saying "Al-Qati (the person who severs the bond of kinship) will not enter Paradise"

How many such examples of anti-Islamic behaviour by Mirza Sahib remain hidden from the eyes of unsuspecting and innocent Ahmadis, caught in a web of jama'at deceit and self-justification?


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