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Wednesday, February 09, 2005

Rules and Tribulations

Lots of Ahmadis engage in Internet discussion, on various forums. Some of them are even quite smart, some of them are really good people, some are actually quite rational. The issue of whether a person who is rational in most aspects of their life, isn't rational at all in arguing about defending aspects of their faith, is neither here nor there. I accept that many people when it comes to faith become irrational. However, Islam is a fairly clear-cut religion. Ahmadiyya is not. It's harder to defend Ahmadiyya because it is intrinsically man-made.

Ahmadis - you are aware that your Khalifa has forbidden you from engaging in discussion on the Internet. Yet you still do it.

If you disobey your Khalifa, you are breaking the conditions of your bai'at. Which technically, means that you are no longer an Ahmadi. However, the punishment for breaking the conditions of bai'at is not clear. No one actually knows what happens. If you reject an order of a so-called-Khalifa though, you are clearly breaking the order of (in your faith) your God too, since this is a firm aspect of your faith. Therefore, if discovered, you are liable to a sentence of expulsion or excommunication - a kind of limbo - a purgatory-maqbarah if you like.

The punishment for wrongdoing in jama'at is meted out randomly. You can get away with an awful lot in jama'at, and through its cult-like control, reporting "crime" is not easy. Being heard is next to impossible, if you're a victim. And if you're an office-bearer, and often, even when you're not, you can do pretty much anything you want. Rape? No problem. Victims are usually girls and they are too scared to tell anyone. If they do, their khalifa-idolising parents will not believe them - and even if they do, they will hush things up, for the sake of honour. It happens all the time.

Fraud? Come on buddy! Fraud is a de rigeur requirement of being an Ahmadi. Passport fraud. People smuggling. Insurance jobs. It's on the CV of more Ahmadis than you can shake the Musleh Ma'oud''s walking stick at. It all gets covered up. Brushed under the red carpet that your khalifa walks on.

Before this post turns into an expose, let me just turn it into some questions:

Where is your rule-book? Since you have accepted conditions in your pledge of allegiance over and above those required by Islam in order to be an Ahmadi -an innovation not mandated by Islam - you should have stricter rules too, right?

By engaging in discussion on the Internet with those who don't hold your beliefs - and thus denying yourself one of the best avenues possible for promulgation of your separate creed - you disobey the khalifa. What's the punishment? And is that punishment over and above what Allah SWT proscribes in the Holy Qur'an? Remember, you break your pledge by disobeying your ruler. What does that say about your thinking, your leadership and your rules?

And if you know of people who are supposed to be the "best of Muslims" who are behaving contrary to that, and getting away with it, do you just say that "they're accountable to Allah" and leave it at that? While innocent Ahmadis suffer the purgatory-maqbara for attending Muslim weddings? What kind of justice is that?

All sorts of holes in this man-made system. if your creed is sound, what's wrong with declaring it openly and debating on the Internet? I'll tell you what's wrong. Your leadership doesn't control the Internet. Without control of its membership, a cult is nothing. It falls apart. What harm can come from debate? If your faith is strong, it will withstand attack. If it is true, it will withstand scrutiny. If it is from Allah, it will envelop the world.

I have a question for you. If the Messiah has truly come, after a century of his claim, why have so few people heard his name? Why are his writings not more publicly available? Would they withstand attack and scrutiny? You complain about a few "hate" sites. Wake up. This is not about hate. It's about truth. I'll admit that hate exists. It's part of the human condition, but the fact is, hate would only make you stronger, and the word of the Messiah more visible. That has not happened. It will not happen. Because the Messiah has not come!

What is the fastest growing religion in the world today? Despite all the scrutiny and attacks? It is the religion the revelation of which began with Hadhrat Adam AS, and ended with RasulAllah Sallaho Allaihi Wassalam.


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