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Thursday, February 03, 2005

The Power of an Idea

When one has invested so much of one's life in an idea; when one's ancestors and relatives have invested so much into that same idea; when one has sufficient intelligence that they can produce reasoning and support for an idea; where does the strength come to realise that the idea is wrong - and that the benefit of releasing it, of walking away from it, is worthwhile?

The strength comes from Allah. You might well be cleverer than me. That cleverness might make it easier for you to fend off individual points, and to win some moral victory in your own mind at some given point, but the truth will gnaw away at you. People die for the sake of an idea. You have to ask yourself - am I going to die for the right idea?

Religions are ten a penny. Choose one. If you're in a free and democratic country, no one will stop you. Feel free! It's just an idea, you can change it tomorrow if you don't like it! But if you believe in Allah, then be careful. You never know when your life will be taken back by Allah. Make sure that you have studied your belief - that your belief holds up to scrutiny.

When there is a simpler, more logical explanation for an idea; one that is not contrived, and one that does not require twisted logic to support it, then it's probably better. That's not to say that the correct idea is necessarily rational. Hey, if you want to go down that road, what business have you in believing that you will be bodily resurrected? What business have you believing in angels? In miracles? Religion is not entirely rational. Rationality is not all there is. It's a tool. It should help you to arrive at conclusions that sometimes require a degree of faith. Don't use that same rationality to blind you into believing strange stories that are difficult to understand.

Was the Holy Prophet Muhammad SAW the Last in the Line of Prophets or not? Look at the evidence. The arguments used to support the corollary are circuitous and contrived. Why go with that answer? We are warned against that in the Holy Qur'an! Is the "seal" in the "Seal of Prophets" a seal that signifies the sealing of a container? Or the seal that signifies the last in the line? Or is it the seal that stamps out more of the like? Well, look at the Hadith for your answer. It gets no simpler than "There is no prophet after me". Which part of the word "no" do you not understand? RasulAllah SAW didn't say "there is a prophet after me". So why are you arguing to the contrary? Why look at the weaker hadith, or the possibly fabricated hadith, in favour of the stronger hadith? Look, you're reading this right? So you don't have to tell anyone. This is between you and your Maker.

You talk about Hadhrat Isa AS. That's just another "but" so that you can hold onto your belief. Don't make excuses as they won't avail you when you're standing in front of Allah, trying to explain to him why you ignored the deen finalised on earth by His Final Prophet. You know very well that Hadhrat Isa AS was not the last in the line. If he comes back, he will not be a new prophet! Don't you get that? The only reason he doesn't violate the Seal of Prophethood is because he came before the Seal! Whereas Mirza Ghulam Ahmad came after the Seal! Mirza Sahib claimed prophethood and messengerhood as a new person. He was not Hadhrat Isa AS. Was he? Hmmm? Please don't fool yourself with all this "incarnation" stuff. It's a non-sequitur and in your heart, your Muslim, not Hindu heart, you know it.

You laugh at Muslims asking "where is Hadhrat Isa - is he in the sky? Is he floating? Is he eating a special diet?". Don't you feel uncomfortable mocking Allah's greatness in this way? Hasn't Allah told you that you will be raised again? "What, when we are dust?" Do you see where this argument goes? You might as well mock the angels! God forbid! God is great. He can do as He pleases. Your job is to believe in Him and His Final Prophet.

If the religion of Islam was perfected in the Holy Qur'an, 1400 years ago, why would we need some new prophet to come again, with a bunch of excuses, to reveal Islam again? Do we not have eyes to see? The first thing Hadhrat Jibreel asked RasulAllah SAW to do was "read!". Can you not do the same?

You accuse Muslims of behaving like the Jews. What, are you for real? Allah made a binding covenant with no qualifications in the Holy Qur'an. Read the first few verses of Sura Al-Baqara and tell me where you see any so-called Promised Messiah. The other scriptures warn us of prophets to come. The holy Qur'an does not. Will you not read and see for yourself?

Religion is not a sport. Muslims do not debate with Ahmadis for sport, to deride them (though it might seem that way sometimes!). There is only one "true Islam". And that is the Islam of the Holy Prophet Muhammad SAW. I know a lot of Ahmadis don't read the Ahadith in detail. You should brothers and sisters. It's half of what Muslims believe. Read the authentic, the muttawatir ahadith about the finality of prophethood. Read again and look for the same on Hadhrat Isa AS. You will be disturbed if you make a concerted effort to open your heart.

Study the life of the Holy Prophet Muhammad SAW. Then, armed with knowledge of Islam, and only then, read the books of Mirza Sahib if you can read Urdu, and get people to translate the "trickier" references if you cannot. Then tell me if the man you call "Promised Messiah" can be a prophet, or the" second advent of Muhammad" as well as the "second coming of Jesus" and the incarnation of Krishna.

Study Islam first, not the Islam filtered through the coloured lens of jama'at Ahmadiyya, but all if it - even though you already believe you are in the true Islam; study Islam to the best of your ability, then study Mirza Sahib. And if you are truthful to yourself, and you don't drop the jama'at habit, I'll give you your money back. Guaranteed.

May Allah guide you to the straight path of Islam, grant you health, happiness and strength in your deen. Ameen.


  • At 11:31 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Asalaamoalaykum brother Shahid

    Don't ask me how (as it was a long drawn process) but I stumbled across this blog of yours. Mash'Allah! .....and what an excellent blog it is?

    I tried to find a contact email for your on this site but without any joy.

    I like you, was also an Ahmadi until a few years ago and am particularly interested in any others who may have reverted to Islam. Look I could go into more detail but would prefer to do so in a private email. So, if you could please email me at, i would be very grateful, as I would be very interested in discussing some points with you further and exchanging our personal experiences, although from what I have read so far you will probably have much more of than I do given your level of involvement with the jamaat.



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