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Friday, February 25, 2005

Where's the catch?

As I was preparing my mind to leave jama'at Ahmadiyya, I was midly concerned about one thing. What if some clever Ahmadi were to confront me with fairly strong evidence for my "mistake"? It's almost three months, and I have to say, I have seen, heard or read nothing even remotely like a cogent argument for Ahmadiyya. It is a deception. Like all deceptions, no one likes to admit that they have been taken in by it. People would rather find ways to defend the deception than to admit they were wrong! That is the nature of a well set up con!

So to help those who are struggling with it, I have something that will make you feel better - a confession!

I was duped! I was conned! I fell for it! I believed it! And you know what? I was wrong! I picked myself up, I dusted myself off and set off in the right direction.

Let's say you are in a desert. You are being led by a conman. Of course, you don't know you are being led by a conman. You follow. And you follow. And you follow. The oasis does not come. Others die. You are still struggling, bolstered only by outrageous claims and belief. All around you are other lines of people walking in different directions. They seem ok. Some people from your line from time to time leave and join another line of oasis-hunters. You wonder what happens to them. Your leader, the conman, says "They are misguided! They will surely perish!". You're not so sure. But it's easier to stay with the belief you have.

I left the line. My guide is the Qur'an, the Final Book of Allah SWT - and the Sunnah of the Final Prophet SAW. Am I a great Muslim? No. I try my best. That's for Allah SWT to judge. I know one thing though. I'm in the right line and I'm glad I left. Because from where I'm standing, I can see that conman taking his line round and round in ever-decreasing circles to their doom. All I had to do was admit that I was wrong.

There is no catch.


  • At 3:11 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said…


    'Abdullaah ibn Mas'ood radiallaahu 'anhu said:

    The Prophet sallallaahu 'alayhi wa sallam drew a line for us and said. "This is Allaah's Straight Path." Then he drew lines to its right and left and then said. "These ore other paths. Upon every one of them there is a devil calling towards it." Then he recited:

    "Indeed this is My Straight Path, so follow it, and do not follow other paths that will separate you from His Path." [Soorah al-An'aam 6:153]."

    Hasan: Related by Ahmad (1/435), an-Nasaa'ee (7/49) and others

  • At 11:31 pm, Blogger Shahid said…


    Jazakamollah - Allah SWT and His Final Prophet always say it best!


  • At 7:59 am, Anonymous Anonymous said…

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Thursday, February 17, 2005

Dear Mirza Masroor Sahib

Dear Mirza Masroor Sahib,


I'm really getting tired of constant, patient debating, with no real answers, just the incessant twisting and turning, ducking and diving, running and hiding. I've tried to ask your followers questions in the wonderful forum, but when confronted with the real issues, they run away! Why?

Just answer the questions head-on!! Please! The real questions! The real issues! But no - with you and some of your well-meaning, but haplessly misguided followers, it's always a case of picking up the little bones like the esoteric ilham about some August date in 1908 - I mean who cares? What about the real stuff?

  1. Why did MGA back the Boer War? No prophet would have backed the death of tens of thousands of children in concentration camps. Just answer this please. None of the others really matter, but this is a biggie.

  2. MGA had a "revelation" that he'd die in Mecca or Medina. He died in Lahore. And you insult me by trying to tell me that Lahore means Mecca or Medina. Come on! Enough of this nonsense!

  3. MGA had a "revelation" that he'd marry a widow. "Note it". I did. "Wait for it". I did. It still hasn't happened. Oh - and there's no such thing as a heavenly nikkah. Remember the stuff about "prophecies" and "touchstones" and "liars" and "impostors"?? Note it. Wait for it...

  4. You've ordered your followers to disengage from the Internet. (Apologies to those Lahoris who have split their sect into another sect who don't follow the "khalifa"). Yet they persist in engagement, even though you are "appointed by Allah" and are his "vicegerent on earth". And when you are asked about it, you don't answer. Is it that difficult?

  5. MGA had a revelation that Allah SWT "praises him" (MGA). What? Come on. You have tried to defend this. And I'm afraid you've fallen short. By about half a dozen parsecs. Allah SWT alone is worthy of praise!

  6. MGA prescribed tonic wine for illness, and for all I know, took it himself. RasulAllah SAW said "it is not a medicine, it is a sickness". "Second advent"? Of whom exactly?

  7. MGA plagiarised his theory of Isa's (AS) death to faciliate his own incremental claims to Messiahship and eventually, full-blown-second-advent-of-Muhammad (SAW)-hood. Or did he even go on to claim godhead? Oh yeah, he did. Do you believe any of this?

  8. Allah SWT warned us not to split our religion into sects. What is Ahmadiyyat? And Haqiqat Pasand? And Janfah? And Lahoris? And so on and on and on? You're having a laugh, right?

  9. Allah perfected our deen in the lifetime of RasulAllah SAW. Do we really need a self-appointed-prophet after the seal is closed to tell us about The Book that we already know about?

  10. Tell us about the eclipses. Again. Go on. Just for fun. Let's clear this up, it really is quite simple! The hadith is weak. The weak hadith isn't even attributed to RasulAllah SAW. That weak hadith talked of an event that hasn't happened since the beginning of time. Double eclipses have been happening in Ramadan every 22 years since the beginning of our planetary system. There have been claimants in that time. So go on, tell me about this pathetic scam again? Please?

  11. MGA called everyone who didn't follow him "kaafir". You want to be called Muslim, yet reserve the right to call everyone else non-Muslim. Erm, please explain this to me, so that I can understand. And try and do a better job than Mirza Nasir Sahib did in 1974. Please?

  12. Remind us, who won the debate in 1974?

  13. Explain to me how Bahishti Maqbara is anything other than a higher rate tax bracket in jama'at that fraudulently offers heaven without Allah SWT's intervention?

While you're at it, please tell me about chanda. And why it's given more importance than zakah? And tell me about jalsa, and why it's given more importance than hajj? And tell me why your office bearers talk about chanda more than they do about salah, the only fundamentally important aspect of Islam? And while you're evading all the important questions by taking potshots at RasulAllah SAW or the Holy Qur'an, please explain why trying to discuss things with you is like trying to nail jelly to a wall.




  • At 10:18 am, Anonymous Straitforward said…

    A possible reply from an honest Mirza Masroor

    Dear Shahid,

    Though I have been made Khalifa-V of Ahmadiyya, I must confess that I’m unable to answer many of your valid questions. The main reasons behind my inability to answer your question are 1.) I’m not a qualified religious scholar as I’m basically a farmer who somehow managed to get a master’s degree in agricultural economics 2.) I myself do not have much knowledge about the writings and beliefs of my great grandfather, Mirza Ghulam Qadiani.

    Nevertheless, with my limited knowledge about my great grandfather, Mirza Ghulam Qadiani, and Ahmadiyya I will still try to answer your questions.

    1. Boer War: My great grandfather was an extremely loyal servant of British Imperialism. Therefore, it is also incumbent upon Ahmadiyya and Khalifahs to unconditionally remain humble servants of the British government and western powers. Mirza sahib backed the Boer War because he was the most humble servant of the British Government. Adhering to his legacy, we also continue to display our loyalty to the British government and the Queen. A recent example is our condolence message sent to the Queen when her dog and our beloved brother, Corgi, died.

    2. Death in Makkah or Madinah: It is true that Mirza sahib died in Lahore in a distasteful state due to cholera. We have kept his remains in a box in order to try and fulfill his prophecy at a later stage if the situation permits.

    3. Marriage with a widow: This is also true that our great grandfather couldn’t get married to either a widow or his dream-girl, Muhammadi Begum. But I guess this failure was adequately compensated by my maternal grandfather and Khalifah-2, Mirza Mahmood, who married several women in order to pacify the soul of Mirza Ghulam Qadiani.

    4. Debates with Non-Ahmadis: Throughout my career, I have been mainly engaged in activities that do not require any real brain work. I have already told you my background as a farmer. I have also worked as a farm caretaker in Ghana in 1983 for 2 years. I also headed a committee responsible for the plantation in Rabwah. With this background, how can you expect me to encourage my people to engage in discussions on the Internet. I would rather order them to stop using their brains and just keep paying regular Chanda. My only goal is to raise money – quickly and even fraudulently if need be. Although you have now left Ahmadiyyat, I would still inquire if you had paid all your dues before leaving the Jamaat.

    5. “Hamd” issue, Isa death theory, schism in Islam, perfection of Islam, the 2 eclipses and Fatwa-e-Kufr issues: I can not answer your question no. 5 - 11 as my religious knowledge is very limited. I will ask some of my learned Murabbies, who often write my Khutbas, to answer your questions. I would prefer to have an artificial cough on the subject, which I normally do in my Khutbas, whenever I’m in trouble while reading the script.

    6. Parliament debate in 1974 : My uncle, Mirza Nasir, failed to present Ahmadiyya case effectively and forcefully before the Parliament of Pakistan in 1974. Mirza Nasir was actually a thick person who could not eloquently express himself and thus Ahmadiyya lost this great opportunity. Ahmadiyya still claim that if the proceedings had been made public, half of Pakistan would have become Ahmadi. But I honestly think that the outcome would have been totally reverse. I fear that half of Ahmadis would have denounced Ahmadiyyat had the proceedings been made public. I am thus very happy that the Government of Pakistan kept it away from the public eyes.

    7. Bahishti Maqbara: This is my lifeline. I will continue to sell graves to Ahmadis till the last drop of blood in their veins. My grandfather, Mirza Mahmood, declared it openly in ‘Nizame-Nau’ that the purpose of Wasiyyat Scheme is to deprive Ahmadis of their assets and belongings. I can succeed in this robbery only if I play the trump card of spirituality. That trump card is ticket to the paradise. My whole Khandan-e-Nabuwwat thrives on selling graveyards on the pretext of reserving a seat in the paradise. I have recently made several amendments in the original divine conditions of Bahishti Maqbara scheme as listed by Mirza Ghulam Qadiani under divine guidance. Now, the only criteria of Wasiyyat is to be able to pay money. It does not matter any longer if you are a pious person or not. The prostitutes are also welcome as Mirza Ghulam Qadiani himself accepted donations from them. I am also thinking of extending this Bahishti Maqbara “facility” to all people regardless of their religion. I hope to raise more money by relaxing the divine conditions. Shahid, although you have left Ahmadiyyat, I am still willing to allow you as an “Alumni” for subscribing to Bahishti Maqbara. It’s a great concession and a gesture of my goodwill. I am willing to offer you a very good location in the corner and the area would also be 25% more than the ordinary graves. So, what do you think about it?

    Alternatively, I can offer you to act as my commission agent for the Bahishti Maqbara scheme. If you can sell 10 graves to your friends then yours will be free. And if you get me 20 then I can offer you another 10% of the total revenue that you would generate by selling these graves. Please come back to me ASAP.

  • At 5:18 am, Anonymous Anonymous said…


  • At 4:56 am, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Laanat_ul_Allah Alal Kazibeen

  • At 4:15 am, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    u really have no this whst islam teaches u? honestly.....ahmadiyyat is the true religion. disrespecting someone like this doesn't make you go to heaven...rather the opposite shall happen. if you cant say something nice........DON'T SAY ANYTHING AT ALLL!!!!


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Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Where's Your Added Value, Sir?

History has shown that Gandhi was a better man and a greater contributor to the cause of humanity than Mirza Ghulam Ahmad Sahib. The former didn't claim prophethood. Even Nelson Mandela was a better cause for the plight of his people than Mirza Sahib, though I confess the latter is probably a more controversial choice.

What was Mirza Sahib's contribution to:
a) Islam?
b) Humanity?



  • At 10:19 am, Anonymous Straitforward said…

    Since you are an IT Professional, I will try to answer in a terminology more familiar to you.

    You can consider Mirza G as a "Downloadable Patch" to Islam. This "Patch" corrects the following errors in Islam:

    1. Death of Jesus (PBUH)issue
    2. Concept of Khatm-e-Nabuwwat
    3. Jihad to spread Islam

    The above errors were realised by god after having perfected Islam, thus this "Patch". :-)

    [Comment by Straitforward]

  • At 2:33 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Straitforward must be the most deluded person on this earth judging by his/her last comment.

    Clearly an Ahmadi judging by the dangerous and blasphemous implications he has made in his last comment.

    Astagfirullah how dare this deluded individual accuse his creator of having made a mistake.

    Let me give you some advice you hell bound loser the Creator Allah is free from making mistakes and imperfections.

    How dare you suggest that another deluded fool like yourself Mirza Ghulam Ahmed was sent to correct a mistake God had made.

    Allah makes no mistakes period.

    And Allaah, the Almighty said:

    “This day have I perfected your religion for you, completed My favour upon you and have chosen for you Islam as your religion” (5:3).

    This verse decisively indicates that the Almighty Allaah has completed the religion for this Ummah, and has showered His blessings on them.

    His Prophet passed away only after he had imparted the complete message of Allaah to the Ummah as well as his legislations concerning sayings and deeds.

    He also stressed that all things invented by people and then attributed to the religion of Islam are innovations and to be rejected, even if their inventors did so in good faith.

    It is established that the Companions of the Prophet and the righteous successors after them warned the people against innovations as they add to Islam and legislate what is not permitted by Allaah, in line with the enemies of Allaah such as the Jews and the Christians who added to their religion and innovated what was not allowed by Allaah. Moreover, to admit innovation in Islam is incomplete and imperfect. Such a belief is not only an evil but contradicts the following verse: “This day have I perfected your religion for you”. And the sayings of the Prophet which warn us against innovations.

    It means that you being a deluded fool believe the Religion is not perfected by Allaah (the Glorious, the Almighty) for this Ummah, and the Apostle did not impart to the people what was necessary regarding their religious duties, until the King of deluded fools Mirza Ghulam Ahmed appeared and invented in the religion what is not permitted by Allaah, thinking that this would bring them nearer to Allaah.

    Undoubtedly, this is a great danger and is tantamount to criticzing Allaah the Almighty and the Prophet (Peace be upon him): whereas Allaah the Almighty has already completed the religion and perfected His grace, and the Prophet (peace be upon him) has conveyed the message openly and informed the Ummah of all such ways that will lead them to the Paradise and save them from Hell-fire.

    According to an authentic Hadith, on the authority of Abdullah bin Amr bin Al-As the Messenger of Allaah said: Allaah Ta'ala (the Almighty) did not send a Prophet but obliged him to lead his people to the best way which is known to him, and warn them against the worst which is known to him. (Transmitted by Muslim).

    It is well-known that our Prophet is the best of all the prophets, the last and the most perfect of them regarding the way he conveyed the message and advised his people.

    I am amazed you are even more ignorant than the Jahiliya of the time of the Prophet PBUH.

    The deluded fool Mirza is no patch he is merely a stain.

    A stain that muslims from all over the world have declared outside the fold of Islam.

    Fear your creator your Mirza G will not save you on the Day of Reckoning.

    May Allah curse you for suggesting that he had made a mistake and may you lead a disgraceful life inshallah.

  • At 4:05 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Dear anonymous reader,

    I do believe you misunderstod brother Straitforwards's comment. It needs to be considered in the light of certain recent communications by myself and other like-minded individuals.

    The comment by Straitforward is an ironic joke on Ahmadiyyat. Please do not take offence. No Ahmadi or Ahmadi-sympathiser would even joke like this!


  • At 8:39 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    I was shocked by the comment I must admit.

    Glad you explained it was irony.

    But there is a lesson in this to be learned. That is we should not even joke on issues as serious as this Islamically speaking that is.


  • At 12:15 am, Blogger Shahid said…

    BTW Br Straitforward, I'm not an IT professional - if you found that reference through google, that's a different person! Sorry!

    Also, I believe humour is very important. I have used satire extensively to debunk Ahmadiyyat. The original comment by br Straitforward, in context, shows clearly how dangerous the idea of Ahmadiyyat is to Islam - as it is effectively a "patch". And since as the anon brother/sister has made clear, revision to Islam is expressly forbidden, br Straitforward has brilliantly made plain in a short satirical response just how easy it is to demonstrate the falsehood of Ahmadiyyat to ordinary Muslims.

    I encourage tolerance, respect and understanding. We are all human beings, trying to find the light of Allah SWT. May He lead us all to it, inshaAllah.

  • At 1:43 am, Anonymous Straitforward said…

    “Eik Ghalati Ka Izala” [Removal of a Misunderstanding]

    Just to add another line to my previous comment to clear the air.

    The “Patch” of Mirza G carries a Virus called “Kufr” and running this “Patch” on your faith will render you Kafir.


  • At 11:23 pm, Blogger Shahid said…

    Well I'm glad to say that I ran the virus cleaner on my soul last November and feel a lot better for it already!

  • At 6:00 am, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Since he such an IT guy. Maybe this might make sense to you. I think the problem with you Ahmadi's is that meanwhile all the muslims has the right operating system. You seem to have updated your OS with an infected patch put togather a lunatic hacker Mr.Mirza. This seem to have worked to bug your machine(iman) and now you are lost, stray and unfunctional.

    The fix is to reboot your machine and format your harddrive of Mriza bullshit. Download Islam by readinig quran and embrassing the proper copy os OS which is Allah is one and Mohammad PBHU is his last prophet. PERIOD


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Monday, February 14, 2005


Salaam to my readers.

I'm working on three long articles at the moment, and these will take some precedence over this blog.

They are:

  1. A Fracture in Belief

  2. Letter to a Friend 2

  3. The Only Advent

The first is my document on why I left jama'at Ahmadiyya, what my journey was like, what the conditions were, overall, it is the description of a joureny.

The second is a follow-up to the open letter I wrote to Mirza Sahib and his followers. It doesn't address any of those points, rather, it is a discussion on the document "Ek Ghalati Ka Izala" (The Removal of a Misunderstanding) by Mirza Sahib.

Finally, I am writing a document that compares RasulAllah SAW with Mirza Sahib in order to show people unequivocally, that there can be no second advent of RasulAllah SAW - and for the sake of argument - even if such a thing were sanctioned by Islam, that person could never have been Mirza Ghulam Ahmad Qadiani.


  • At 1:09 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    get over it... you left the jamaat.. dont keep on ranting about your "journey" from ahmadiyyat... we have forgotten you... obviousls its not the case the other way around...

  • At 2:10 pm, Blogger Shahid said…

    You have obviously not learned how to spell, or write well-formed grammatical sentences. On the one hand you say I was "kicked out" and on the other, you say "you left the jamaat".

    Who's "we" by the way? Do you know me? Are you afraid to give me your name? Why are you hiding? What are you afraid of?

    It is my duty to inform as many people as possible about the fraud of Ahmadiyya. You can rest assured that I will not stop. Will you take the path of your founders and have me killed? Is that what "Love for All, Hatred for None" means? Why are you so full of hate?


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Wednesday, February 09, 2005

Rules and Tribulations

Lots of Ahmadis engage in Internet discussion, on various forums. Some of them are even quite smart, some of them are really good people, some are actually quite rational. The issue of whether a person who is rational in most aspects of their life, isn't rational at all in arguing about defending aspects of their faith, is neither here nor there. I accept that many people when it comes to faith become irrational. However, Islam is a fairly clear-cut religion. Ahmadiyya is not. It's harder to defend Ahmadiyya because it is intrinsically man-made.

Ahmadis - you are aware that your Khalifa has forbidden you from engaging in discussion on the Internet. Yet you still do it.

If you disobey your Khalifa, you are breaking the conditions of your bai'at. Which technically, means that you are no longer an Ahmadi. However, the punishment for breaking the conditions of bai'at is not clear. No one actually knows what happens. If you reject an order of a so-called-Khalifa though, you are clearly breaking the order of (in your faith) your God too, since this is a firm aspect of your faith. Therefore, if discovered, you are liable to a sentence of expulsion or excommunication - a kind of limbo - a purgatory-maqbarah if you like.

The punishment for wrongdoing in jama'at is meted out randomly. You can get away with an awful lot in jama'at, and through its cult-like control, reporting "crime" is not easy. Being heard is next to impossible, if you're a victim. And if you're an office-bearer, and often, even when you're not, you can do pretty much anything you want. Rape? No problem. Victims are usually girls and they are too scared to tell anyone. If they do, their khalifa-idolising parents will not believe them - and even if they do, they will hush things up, for the sake of honour. It happens all the time.

Fraud? Come on buddy! Fraud is a de rigeur requirement of being an Ahmadi. Passport fraud. People smuggling. Insurance jobs. It's on the CV of more Ahmadis than you can shake the Musleh Ma'oud''s walking stick at. It all gets covered up. Brushed under the red carpet that your khalifa walks on.

Before this post turns into an expose, let me just turn it into some questions:

Where is your rule-book? Since you have accepted conditions in your pledge of allegiance over and above those required by Islam in order to be an Ahmadi -an innovation not mandated by Islam - you should have stricter rules too, right?

By engaging in discussion on the Internet with those who don't hold your beliefs - and thus denying yourself one of the best avenues possible for promulgation of your separate creed - you disobey the khalifa. What's the punishment? And is that punishment over and above what Allah SWT proscribes in the Holy Qur'an? Remember, you break your pledge by disobeying your ruler. What does that say about your thinking, your leadership and your rules?

And if you know of people who are supposed to be the "best of Muslims" who are behaving contrary to that, and getting away with it, do you just say that "they're accountable to Allah" and leave it at that? While innocent Ahmadis suffer the purgatory-maqbara for attending Muslim weddings? What kind of justice is that?

All sorts of holes in this man-made system. if your creed is sound, what's wrong with declaring it openly and debating on the Internet? I'll tell you what's wrong. Your leadership doesn't control the Internet. Without control of its membership, a cult is nothing. It falls apart. What harm can come from debate? If your faith is strong, it will withstand attack. If it is true, it will withstand scrutiny. If it is from Allah, it will envelop the world.

I have a question for you. If the Messiah has truly come, after a century of his claim, why have so few people heard his name? Why are his writings not more publicly available? Would they withstand attack and scrutiny? You complain about a few "hate" sites. Wake up. This is not about hate. It's about truth. I'll admit that hate exists. It's part of the human condition, but the fact is, hate would only make you stronger, and the word of the Messiah more visible. That has not happened. It will not happen. Because the Messiah has not come!

What is the fastest growing religion in the world today? Despite all the scrutiny and attacks? It is the religion the revelation of which began with Hadhrat Adam AS, and ended with RasulAllah Sallaho Allaihi Wassalam.


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Thursday, February 03, 2005

The Power of an Idea

When one has invested so much of one's life in an idea; when one's ancestors and relatives have invested so much into that same idea; when one has sufficient intelligence that they can produce reasoning and support for an idea; where does the strength come to realise that the idea is wrong - and that the benefit of releasing it, of walking away from it, is worthwhile?

The strength comes from Allah. You might well be cleverer than me. That cleverness might make it easier for you to fend off individual points, and to win some moral victory in your own mind at some given point, but the truth will gnaw away at you. People die for the sake of an idea. You have to ask yourself - am I going to die for the right idea?

Religions are ten a penny. Choose one. If you're in a free and democratic country, no one will stop you. Feel free! It's just an idea, you can change it tomorrow if you don't like it! But if you believe in Allah, then be careful. You never know when your life will be taken back by Allah. Make sure that you have studied your belief - that your belief holds up to scrutiny.

When there is a simpler, more logical explanation for an idea; one that is not contrived, and one that does not require twisted logic to support it, then it's probably better. That's not to say that the correct idea is necessarily rational. Hey, if you want to go down that road, what business have you in believing that you will be bodily resurrected? What business have you believing in angels? In miracles? Religion is not entirely rational. Rationality is not all there is. It's a tool. It should help you to arrive at conclusions that sometimes require a degree of faith. Don't use that same rationality to blind you into believing strange stories that are difficult to understand.

Was the Holy Prophet Muhammad SAW the Last in the Line of Prophets or not? Look at the evidence. The arguments used to support the corollary are circuitous and contrived. Why go with that answer? We are warned against that in the Holy Qur'an! Is the "seal" in the "Seal of Prophets" a seal that signifies the sealing of a container? Or the seal that signifies the last in the line? Or is it the seal that stamps out more of the like? Well, look at the Hadith for your answer. It gets no simpler than "There is no prophet after me". Which part of the word "no" do you not understand? RasulAllah SAW didn't say "there is a prophet after me". So why are you arguing to the contrary? Why look at the weaker hadith, or the possibly fabricated hadith, in favour of the stronger hadith? Look, you're reading this right? So you don't have to tell anyone. This is between you and your Maker.

You talk about Hadhrat Isa AS. That's just another "but" so that you can hold onto your belief. Don't make excuses as they won't avail you when you're standing in front of Allah, trying to explain to him why you ignored the deen finalised on earth by His Final Prophet. You know very well that Hadhrat Isa AS was not the last in the line. If he comes back, he will not be a new prophet! Don't you get that? The only reason he doesn't violate the Seal of Prophethood is because he came before the Seal! Whereas Mirza Ghulam Ahmad came after the Seal! Mirza Sahib claimed prophethood and messengerhood as a new person. He was not Hadhrat Isa AS. Was he? Hmmm? Please don't fool yourself with all this "incarnation" stuff. It's a non-sequitur and in your heart, your Muslim, not Hindu heart, you know it.

You laugh at Muslims asking "where is Hadhrat Isa - is he in the sky? Is he floating? Is he eating a special diet?". Don't you feel uncomfortable mocking Allah's greatness in this way? Hasn't Allah told you that you will be raised again? "What, when we are dust?" Do you see where this argument goes? You might as well mock the angels! God forbid! God is great. He can do as He pleases. Your job is to believe in Him and His Final Prophet.

If the religion of Islam was perfected in the Holy Qur'an, 1400 years ago, why would we need some new prophet to come again, with a bunch of excuses, to reveal Islam again? Do we not have eyes to see? The first thing Hadhrat Jibreel asked RasulAllah SAW to do was "read!". Can you not do the same?

You accuse Muslims of behaving like the Jews. What, are you for real? Allah made a binding covenant with no qualifications in the Holy Qur'an. Read the first few verses of Sura Al-Baqara and tell me where you see any so-called Promised Messiah. The other scriptures warn us of prophets to come. The holy Qur'an does not. Will you not read and see for yourself?

Religion is not a sport. Muslims do not debate with Ahmadis for sport, to deride them (though it might seem that way sometimes!). There is only one "true Islam". And that is the Islam of the Holy Prophet Muhammad SAW. I know a lot of Ahmadis don't read the Ahadith in detail. You should brothers and sisters. It's half of what Muslims believe. Read the authentic, the muttawatir ahadith about the finality of prophethood. Read again and look for the same on Hadhrat Isa AS. You will be disturbed if you make a concerted effort to open your heart.

Study the life of the Holy Prophet Muhammad SAW. Then, armed with knowledge of Islam, and only then, read the books of Mirza Sahib if you can read Urdu, and get people to translate the "trickier" references if you cannot. Then tell me if the man you call "Promised Messiah" can be a prophet, or the" second advent of Muhammad" as well as the "second coming of Jesus" and the incarnation of Krishna.

Study Islam first, not the Islam filtered through the coloured lens of jama'at Ahmadiyya, but all if it - even though you already believe you are in the true Islam; study Islam to the best of your ability, then study Mirza Sahib. And if you are truthful to yourself, and you don't drop the jama'at habit, I'll give you your money back. Guaranteed.

May Allah guide you to the straight path of Islam, grant you health, happiness and strength in your deen. Ameen.


  • At 11:31 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Asalaamoalaykum brother Shahid

    Don't ask me how (as it was a long drawn process) but I stumbled across this blog of yours. Mash'Allah! .....and what an excellent blog it is?

    I tried to find a contact email for your on this site but without any joy.

    I like you, was also an Ahmadi until a few years ago and am particularly interested in any others who may have reverted to Islam. Look I could go into more detail but would prefer to do so in a private email. So, if you could please email me at, i would be very grateful, as I would be very interested in discussing some points with you further and exchanging our personal experiences, although from what I have read so far you will probably have much more of than I do given your level of involvement with the jamaat.



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