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I left Ahmadiyyat because Mirza Ghulam Ahmad was a liar and a charlatan. Find out why I believe this to be true.

Thursday, January 27, 2005

Initiation - conditions 1 & 2

I was just wondering how Mirza Ghulam Ahmad would fare if he wished to be initiated into his own movement?

I refer you to the Initiation Conditions of jama'at Ahmadiyya to familiarise yourself.

Let's procede to examine the requirements:
The initiate shall solemnly promise:
I. That he/she shall abstain from Shirk (association of any partner with God) right up to the day of his/her death.

That's odd. I distinctly remember Mirza Sahib speaking contrary to this:

"It is an inspiration O'Mirza!  Whatsoever you intend for, it comes into existence instantaneously by your order."
   (Roohany Khazaen, Vol. 22, P. 108; Tadhkira, P. 525/527, 656, Ed. II P. 826; Haqeeqat-al-Wahey P. 105)

Never mind, let's move onto another condition.
II. That he/she shall keep away from falsehood, fornication, adultery, trespasses of the eye, debauchery, dissipation, cruelty, dishonesty, mischief and rebellion; and will not permit himself/herself to be carried away by passions, however strong they might be.

I'll leave most of these for now, but let's look at the last one. I'm not going to pull out the references, there are plenty, I have verified them for myself in a past life as an Ahmadi. For example, writing a thousand laanats, calling your opponents children of prostitutes etc. This behaviour also carries in it falsehood, dishonety, mischief and rebellion (against Islam!). Oh well, maybe there's hope in the third condition? Let's continue tomorrow and see if Mirza Sahib is able to score better.

We could actually stop here, since the failure to adhere to any one of the conditions invalidates the initiation. We can already conclude that Mirza Sahib was not an Ahmadi.


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