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Wednesday, January 26, 2005

The Heavenly Graveyard

Of all the vile and insulting concepts originating from Mirza Ghulam Ahmad Qadiani, one of the most repulsive is the concept of Bahishti Maqbara - the "Heavenly Graveyard" or "Celestial Cemetery" as the official jama'at site puts it.

...Bahishti Maqbara has been operating in Qadian and in Rabwah where those Ahmadis are buried who have fulfilled the above conditions. Every Ahmadi firmly believes that only those members destined for Paradise are buried in this heavenly cemetery.

Celestial Cemetery, Official Jama'at Web site

Let me start raining on this pathetic parade from the get-go:

  1. Bahishti Maqbara was "seen" by MGA as a specific place. It was in Qadian. Where did Rabwah come in? Rabwah wasn't even a figment of anyone's imagination. So the extension to Rabwah is ludicrous and more importantly, fraudulent. Let's say I put down a deposit on a house. I pay my instalments and one day, my payments are complete. I get my house. But it's no longer in Mayfair or Beverly Hills, as promised, it's in Brixton or Comptom. When I was an Ahmadi, I discussed this with others in the jama'at. They all laughed at the tenuous, disingenuous explanations offered. If the original graveyard wasn't a sick, fraudulent money-grabbing scheme, then its extension to Rabwah just made it even more obviously crooked.

  2. Apparently, every Ahmadi "firmly believes that only those members destined for Paradise are buried in this heavenly cemetery." Really? Which one? Qadian or Rabwah? This fraudster never thought things through. If there could even be such a thing as a guaranteed passport to heaven so long as you paid higher-rate tax, then wouldn't such a place be large enough to support a significant populace? Remember, Ahmadis believe the world is theirs in around a couple of centuries. If even only 1% of the world enters the Wassiyat scheme, and population by some miracle doesn't expand, where will they bury 60 million people?

  3. If I (God forbid) were still an Ahmadi, and I secretly slept with prostitutes, secretly was a thief and a rapist and a murderer, and got away with it, but paid up my chanda wassiyat, I'd be guaranteed heaven according to the jama'at. Don't insult my intelligence with the line that only pious people get in. That's about as funny as the idea that the Khalifa is divinely appointed and that out of "200 million", God only elects members of Mirza Sahib's family - other than Hakim Noor-u-din who let's face it, was the real brains behind Ahmadiyyat anyway. The fact is, if I pay up and keep my nose clean, I get in. If I'm pious beyond belief, but miss one payment, my body is turned back at the gates of the graveyard.

  4. I personally know of one person buried at the Heavenly Gatecrash who will never be going to heaven. If there is a God, and I believe there is, no God would allow a person as evil and filthy to go near His Garden. Perhaps Allah is even more merciful than I thought, in which case Stalin and Hitler have got a chance too. But no! They didn't buy into it!

  5. It is now jama'at standard policy that office-bearers must take part in the wassiyat scheme. And the entry conditions have been relaxed somewhat. Hey, everyone wants in on the higher-tax bracket! If we dig it, they will come!

  6. The concept of such a grave facade is anathaema to Muslims. You go to heaven according to your deeds and Allah's Mercy and the intervention, if Allah wills, of His Last Prophet. End of. Period. No discussion.

Some more words from MGA:
Whoever desires to be buried therein should make a testamentary disposition that one tenth of his property shall, under direction of the Movement, be devoted to the propagation of Islam, and carrying out the teachings of the Quran. It will be open to every righteous person whose faith is perfect to provide for this purpose in his will more than one tenth, but it shall not be less.

Note particularly the bold type. The Qur'an and Islam teach the following:

  • Do not break your religion into sects: By declaring all Muslims who do not accept MGA as kaafir, Ahmadiyya created not just a sect, but a new religion

  • Do not create innovations in religion: Try searching the text of the Holy Qur'an for a Masih Ma'ood. Keep looking....keep looking...there are lots of other Ahmadi innovations. I haven't got all night.

  • Qur'an never to be abrogated, not a single word: MGA abrogated Jihad of the sword (Qital) - the defenders of jama'at claim otherwise, but the words are in black and white.

  • the Holy Prophet Muhammad SAW was the last in the line of prophets: MGA stole this title for himself and indeed, claimed Allah referred to him as Muhammad and Ahmad

  • Hadhrat Isa AS was not crucified: MGA claimed that he was crucified and survived, then travelled to Kashmir where he lived for over eight decades more. MGA plagiarised the ideas of predecessors in this matter

So is jama'at Ahmadiyya propogating Islam and carrying out the teachings of the Qur'an? Or is it engaging in fraud at the cost of the souls of its members?

I could go on and on. And don't worry. InshaAllah, I will.


  • At 12:38 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    lucky you left the jammat mate... do something with your life... all this site does is make more people find out about ahmadiyyat... and than they see all the bullshit this blog is filled with.. than they convert.. simple.. you dish the shit... we tell the truth.. sorry... still growing...

  • At 1:54 pm, Blogger Shahid said…

    You use language in a public forum like your founder Mirza Sahib. Yes, it was very fortunate, for my soul, that I left jama'at Ahmadiyya.

    I pray Allah SWT opens up your heart to receive the Truth and I hope you will be ready to receive it.

    Any proof of your 200 million by the way? You're not a sad little child that still believes that fairy story are you?

    What's your name and why are you hiding?

  • At 10:29 am, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    I think you're doing a fine job here. Please keep it coming. Also pray in front of Allah with tears in your eyes every night until they are gone. If He has an even ounce of love of Islam and His Prophet he should end these people and their religion breaking up and scattering them. Hopefully it will happen in your life. But if it doesn't and they keep on growing then I want you to tell your children to keep of praying with the same vigor until Islam is free of them.


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