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Friday, January 28, 2005

Dear Ahmadis

To all Ahmadis, those who know me, and those who don't.

I was once in your shoes. Deep in the bosom of jama'at Ahmadiyya. I would never have left had I not had the time and the will and the guidance from Allah.

I am irreverent towards your leadership. I was once one of you, so I know it stings. I wouldn't have liked it either. Please remember, I have love for you, because I know most of you believe in Islam and if you really knew about the foundation of jama'at Ahmadiyya, if you really had a choice, you would choose Islam.

It is frightening to even think of leaving. The possible boycott, the shame, the humiliation, and possibly the fear that you are taking the wrong step. Ask Allah SWT to help you! Allah SWT helps his servants if they truly desire and seek His pleasure!

If I did not have the time, the will and the hidayah, I might never have left. Time is short. Look into your belief. Your life is not a trial run. Your deen is too important an issue to have it decided on your behalf by default! Seek the truth. Pray for guidance.

If you're proud of your belief, go and debate it openly with knowledgeable Muslims! Ask your leadership to engage in open and honest debate with the Ulema! What is there to fear if you are right? And if you are wrong, then you will know, and you can do something about it. Visit the various forums. If you are open, you will recognise the Truth when you see it. There are false claims on both sides, false arguments on both sides, but, and this is important, only one side is on the right path!

Ask the difficult questions and seek the Truth, from wherever it comes. Do you know of the writings of the founder of your jama'at? Don't you owe it to yourself to learn everything you can, and to determine why it is that all the Muslims find the idea of there being a prophet after the Holy Prophet Muhammad SAW so blasphemous? Drop the emotion and look humbly into the core of the arguments. I urge you not to be perfunctory when you are examining the issues!

It is hard to leave, easy to stay. This life is short though, and the next life is eternal. Who knows if tomorrow will come for you or I? Only Allah SWT knows. Put your faith in Allah SWT alone, not your leadership. Don't accept mediators between your soul and Allah SWT. Go straight to the source. Listen to all the sides.

Islam is beautiful. It was completed in the lifetime of the Holy Prophet Muhammad SAW. Embrace that Islam, and accept no substitute. Your soul is at stake. And may Allah SWT guide you and protect you from evil. Ameen.


  • At 7:09 am, Anonymous saima said…

    Iam your sister in islam,the real &only islam brought by Muhammad (PBUH).your openess and sincerety has greatly impressed me. iam shocked though that non of the qadianis has bothered to respond to this plea of yours. but u have done your job.May Allah Keep u on hidaya.Ameen.May he give u the courage to continue and protect u from every hazard.Ameen
    lots of Duas


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